Welcome to a place unlike any other.

Welcome to the Peace Wall.

The Peace Wall is a gateway between universes: analog and digital, virtual and real, local and worldwide. Come to a Peace Wall, express yourself and affect others. It's easy, its fulfilling and its fun.

Anyone (yes you) can visit any Peace Wall at any time and tag it (paint it). The walls are monitored and maintained. Once a wall is filled to the brim, it will be whitewashed to be filled again. And again. And again.

The images you make on the Peace Wall will be digitally captured and uploaded to this site (yup, still in progress). Once here they are subject to a world of--well--the world.

Take your first step out of the confines of your neighborhood. Jump headlong into the whirlwind of ideas that is the Peace Wall. All you need is a can of paint and the desire.

Tag. You're it.

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